[Patrick Wolf]
"You put me in the magic position to live, to learn, to love in the major key."

When I use words like triumphant, glorious and joyful, you'd think I was talking about the holidays or my birth or something, but alas, if I'm pulling words like those out, I must be really smitten with Patrick Wolf, particularly one ditty - The Magic Position. Triumphant strings! Glorious keys! Joyful shouts! And as if all that weren't enough, there's quite a healthy dose of handclapping in there as well. It's a hero saves the day, guy gets the girl kind of song. Just listening to it makes you feel like you accomplished something, and considering how lazy lazy I am, that kind of musical witchery is well appreciated. Let's not be so quick as to place this man on only one pedestal though, for he's more than just the Magic Position. Hitting the scene in 2002, Wolf has been steadily adding to his discography every two years since his debut release in 2003. The exuberantly colorful fellow from the UK seemingly plays any instrument you can throw at him, an aspect that certainly resonates in his music with Wolf bridging a gamut, instrumentally, as wide as the subject he covers. Well, here's to hoping you're put in the magic position this week.

From Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position (all songs are right click - save as):
Get Lost
The Magic Position

From Lycanthrophy:
The Childcatcher

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