[The Rumble Strips]
"Just 'cause you think it, don't make it so. Drive you to drink, it won't let you go."

Next up in line is a band with a lot of brass (Ha! Just be glad I didn't pull the "Let's get ready to..." well you know phrase). With only a trumpet and a saxophone to fill that criteria, don't expect a whole section, but those sounds are just completely integral to the ska-influenced identity of the Rumble Strips. One name you always run into when looking into these guys is Dexy's Midnight Runners - considering the major consensus on that, I'm just gonna go ahead and agree with that. According to their myspace, they sound like an old man with an oversized saxophone, and taking the old man as a sense of nostalgia, I can't really argue with that. The geezer certainly isn't any indication of their age or energy level. Naming themselves after the bumps on the side of major roadways, these guys can certainly get you bouncing. Drift slightly out of your lane and bounce a bit with the Rumble Strips...

Various Songs From The Rumble Strips (all songs are right click - save as):
Alarm Clock
Boys And Girls In Love

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