"We fell in love the middle of June. The sky was blue, blue, blue as the sea. Two lovers cross the middle of June, and it was easy."

With the altruistic motive of making all women in the vicinity feel sexier (and thus making all men in the area feel equally better), Canadian duo Johnny Pen and Aaron Aujla make up the scantily-membered two-piece that is Bikini. First meeting each other in their younger days while passing some time in detention, Bikini came about soon after the two passed some more time together in a Montreal cafe in 2007. With a long future in mind, the boys are taking their time with new releases. Building a repertoire on pretty much two releases, Bikini released an eagerly anticipated first EP, Concerning the Number 7 and Your Love, early last month. According to their myspace, they sound like sex - sure, I can see that. Compare them to their peers if you must - Hot Chip, the Presets - these guys are just doing what comes naturally to 'em. Give an ear and put on Bikini...

Various Songs From Bikini (all songs are right click - save as):
1234 [Feist Cover]
Oh Girl Get On The Floor

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Blogger Caterpillarcat said...
If it's possible to be in love with a blog, I think I just fell in love with yours... :)
Beautiful artwork, wauw!! And the music is lovely.
Smiles from Signe Marie