[Salty Pirates]
"I'm the guy you talk with about the guys you sleep with. You say they are assholes, and I'm the one that you really like. But in that case, why don't you sleep with me? Don't say it's because we're friends, cause we're definitely not."

Aaaaar! Avast me maties! I be hopin' me mannerisms not annoy ye by post's end. With today bein' Talk Like A Pirate Day and this band's nomenclature, I see no better conditions for I to be talkin' about the likes of Salty Pirates! Calling port in the icy waters of Sweden, this crew of four bilge rats and one wench started terrorizing their local waters in 2002. But nay! There be nothing to fear but a booty of glorious pop! (All right, my pirate stops there) Now my use of exclamation points thus far doesn't go unwarranted. Not only does it add to my pirate, this quartet is really deserving of those exclamations. These guys are quite the humorous bunch, and when you pair that up with just a great sense of melody, well, everybody wins. Personifying their songs reveals a lopsided bunch rife with awkward moments. There's the guy that just desperately wants to get out of a girl's "just a friend" status, and another poor fellow that curses his prospective ex-girlfriend's future with a honeymoon topped by a shark attack. Salty Pirates plays out tunage that's amusingly witty, brilliantly pop and appreciatingly loserish. Hoping to fight the commercialism of today's music industry, these little rebels even put their entire discography up for download at their site. As if you didn't love them enough already. Sharing is, after all, caring. Need I say more? Of course not! All that's for the Salty Pirates say, "Aye!"

Various Songs From Salty Pirates (all songs are right click - save as):
Shark Attack
The Alien Invasion
Fire Deathstar, Fire
The Guy You Talk With

Be sure to check out their site for much, much more!
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Sorry Guys, No Otherwheres For This Post...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Absolutely love it!

Anonymous Mark said...

It's a bit on the Shout Out Louds side but who says thats a bad thing? Anyway great find!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yay :)

Anonymous Wordsworth Baby said...
Quite like the first song, Shark Attack. Nice.