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Just as we finish dusting ourselves off from ACL, Austinites are again rolling up their sleeves as another tract of park is reclaimed in the sweet and holy name of music. With just about a month until Fun Fun Fun Fest, I thought now would be a good time to start building up some anticipation for those of you heading over November 8 & 9. Presented here on Both Sides three times a week up to the weekend of the fest itself will be one artists on the Fun Fun Fun roster.

Your first fest Rx:
Annuals [Stage 1]
"Hear my mouth, I've got the sounds to send you back home with peace of mind."

The Raleigh sextet known otherwise as Annuals will undoubtedly make an impression and leave their mark during the Fun Fun Fun weekend. Releasing their debut album, Be He Me, back in 2006, Annuals have gone about to create up and down flurries among bloggers over the past two years as a young, active band from North Carolina whose nature showcases very much as a genteel group of the South. Like many bands, Annuals is, at it's core, a group of friends that all just happen to have a talent for music, and it's this synergy that drives the pleasingly mellow folk that these kids create. Weaving tales as only folk can do, Annuals deliver a refreshingly young point of view with such a balanced, lush sound friendly throughout the year as perennial much more than an annual. Listen in and look forward to Annuals.

Various songs from Annuals (all songs are right click - save as):
Complete or Completing

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