[FFFest Preview - Islands]
With ACL done and finished, Austinites are finding themselves rolling up their sleeves again as another tract of park is set to be reclaimed in the sweet and holy name of music. Presented here on Both Sides three times a week up to the weekend of the fest itself will be one artist on the Fun Fun Fun roster.

Your second Fun Fun Fun dose:
Islands [Stage 1]
"Cause kids don't know shit. Everything they learn is wrong."

Having a history troubled with dissolutions and member departures, this group has had anything but a steady existence, but this Montreal-based sextet takes everything in stride and presses on with no signs of worry. As it's been simply put by the band's frontman, Nicholas Thorburn, "Islands are forever." Islands have a lot to say, and with many of their tracks running no less than 5 minutes, they're looking to tell you everything and really have forever in mind. With their style and execution, though, you really ought to just sit there and listen. Recently moving from an incredibly pop to harder rock fixture, Islands carries an eclectic but overal solid sound. Definitely look into Islands...

Various Songs From Islands (all songs are right click - save as):
Rough Gem
Kids Don't Know Shit

Learn more at the Islands site.
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