[FFFest Preview - Spinto Band]
With ACL done and finished, Austinites are finding themselves rolling up their sleeves again as another tract of park is set to be reclaimed in the sweet and holy name of music. Presented here on Both Sides three times a week up to the weekend of the fest itself will be one artist on the Fun Fun Fun roster.

A late dose, but your fourth prescription nonetheless:
Spinto Band [Stage 1 - 3:2o-3:55]
"Let me read those things for which I am thankful."

Coming from the land of Biden, this - one, two, three - sextet of Delawarians(?) is none other than Spinto Band, and luckily for us, falling oh so nicely into their tour dates is none other than Fun Fun Fun Fest. Departing on the heels of the release of their eighth album, Moonwink, Spinto Band takes to the road with the active nature that only a group of twenty-somethings can provide and a poppy rock approach that only a group of twenty-somethings can provide. There'll undoubtedly be some bopping and fun to be had when Spinto Band takes to stage.

Various Songs From Spinto Band (all songs are right click - save as):
Oh Mandy
Did I Tell You
Pumpkins and Paisley

Learn more at the Spinto Band site.
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