[Gram Rabbit]
"Now the devil said, "Come on and walk with me. I'll show you some things that you may not ever see."

Looming in out of the hot haze of a desert mirage is floppy-eared quartet Gram Rabbit. Hailing from Joshua Tree, CA, Gram Rabbit contributes to a discography characteristic of their origins and truly is a band born out of the desert. There's a true feel of the mysterious in the American desert. You can get a sense of everything in the desert and coating all this is a tinge of the uncertain. Considering all this, what you hold is pretty much Gram Rabbit. There's a surreal feel to their music, an odd sense of place. Their debut release in 2004, Music To Start A Cult To, seems almost an entirely appropriate name for their music. The best thing I can liken the feeling to is a Kerouac beatnik that aimlessly wanders the American Southwest. Give a floppy ear to Gram Rabbit.

Various songs from Gram Rabbit (all songs are right click - save as):
Dirty Horse

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