[Magic Wands]
"White light, my time has come. All night I'm on the run from black magic."

I forgot if I already put these guys up here in a mix or something, but whether or not I've already introduced this duo, this, my friends, is Magic Wands. Basing themselves out of Nashville, Tennessee, this twosome originally started their relationship over 200 miles apart. Keeping their relationship alive with late-night calls and a stream of presents in the mail, the pair eventually started recording together. Now finding themselves in the same place, Magic Wands consists of Chris and Dexy Valentine (whether or not that's their real name is debatable seeing as they also list their location as Fantasy Island, Zaire on the same page). Seeing how well their work together turned out, Magic Wands is evidential proof that long-distance relationships work...as well as gift exchanges. Give an ear to Magic Wands and be sure to check out their current tour dates in Europe...

Various Songs From Magic Wands (all songs are right click save as):
Black Magic
Heartbreak Whirl

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