[Retrospective: Locksley @ Emo's]
The Tastydactyls

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Sorry Song

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Stop Talking
I Can't Be What U Want

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All Over Again
She Does

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Now bear me with me, I'm working off a three day old memory and the various things I texted to myself during the concert. Considering the cast that is Locksley, it really wasn't surprising that the room I'd enter Friday night would be extremely sufficient in estrogen levels, and amidst all that teenage fawning, I came to remember that night why it is that I myself have such an admiration for Locksley. From the moment they took stage, the Brooklyn-based quartet captured the audience. Nevermind the swooning or weak at the knees euphoria of much of the front two rows, everyone there was engaged in the music. And with a nostalgic sound built on a foundation of handclaps, tambourine, and vocal harmonizing, it really isn't all that hard to get caught up in Locksley's performance. Add into the equation the idea that the foursome require that you participate and the general high-energy antics of the group itself, and you've got one very active night. Unfortunately, Austin sees the group's latter end of the tour, but if you ever catch yourself with the opportunity to see these guys, it's highly recommended.


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