[FFFest Preview - Bishop Allen]
With ACL done and finished, Austinites are finding themselves rolling up their sleeves yet again as another tract of park is set to be reclaimed in the sweet and holy name of music. Presented here on Both Sides everyday until the weekend of the fest itself will be one artist from the Fun Fun Fun roster.

Today's offer:
Bishop Allen [Day 1, Stage 1 - 3:20-3:55]

"I was born a stranger thinkin' outloud in a foreign tongue. I was out of place. I was lookin' all around just try to find a friendly face, but they're all gone."

Ranking high on my personal list of acts to look forward to is Bishop Allen. The quartet hailing from the Musical Mecca that is Brooklyn graced us here on Both Sides every month for a year thanks to their EP-a-month project, and so needless to say, I'm quite familiar. When it comes to these guys though, in all basics, Bishop Allen is just the type of group that would carry a sense of familiarity for everyone, and it reciprocates in their music. It's difficult to describe why, but there's a sense of comfort in their music that just puts you in a better mood regardless of whether or not you were already in a good mood. In our love-hate relationship, every date I've made to see Bishop Allen has never really pulled through - standing me up to sit alone at a dinner table as the candle slowly melts away. In a total of four times I've had problems ranging from simply not being able to go, getting there too late or having to leave too early. Here's to Fun Fun Fun Fest and the idea that for once, I'll be able to catch these guys in a full set.

Various Songs From Bishop Allen (all songs are right click - save as):
The Monitor
Busted Heart

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Blogger Mari said...
Hey guess what! Bishop Allen was recently in the Street Date studios- check it out!

Bishop Allen in the Street Date Studios