[FFFest Preview - Deerhoof]
With ACL done and finished, Austinites are finding themselves rolling up their sleeves yet again as another tract of park is set to be reclaimed in the sweet and holy name of music. Presented here on Both Sides everyday up to the weekend of the fest itself will be one artist from the Fun Fun Fun roster.

Today's Featured:
Deerhoof [Day 1, Stage 1 - 6:30-7:30]

"Boys and girls be mine. I'll take you to my dream land."

It's surprising to me that Deerhoof would take their place on Stage 1 over Stage 4 with Fun Fun Fun generally genrefying it's stages. That seems to be the thing with Deerhoof though. When it comes to this Californian quartet, you can't exactly stamp a label on these guys. Scurrying through the years since 1994, Deerhoof is not amateur to their style. It's unconventional, irregular - a careful contrast of elements mixed in a slurry that continues to leave you wondering, studying what you're listening to. Deerhoof gets ready to educate people with a thing or two on Day 1, Stage 1.

Various Songs from Deerhoof (all songs are right click - save as):
Milk Man
Chandelier Searchlight

Learn more at the Deerhoof site.
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