[Hello Saferide]
"I've been on Altavista. I went twice on the Yahoo. And everywhere I go, there is always a clue, always something about you that may help me to get my hands on you."

If you're sitting there puzzled as to why I put Annika Norlin into a frame full of animals, allow me this moment to explain. As I've well-established many times before, Alina and I here get a frighteningly large amount of emails, and on most days, I treat it all to a quick page skim. Unfortunately for Annika Norlin, this resulted me in forever recognizing Hello Saferide as "Hello Safari Ride." Now...who is this oft-mentioned Annika Norlin? Annika Norlin is the fresh face behind Hello Saferide/Hello Safari Ride, a solo, albeit friend-supported, act based out of Sweden. As if that last additional fact of her Swedeness isn't enough convincing for you, Norlin produces the sound of light, twinkly pop. A storyteller nature keeps you crouched in, sitting indian-style to embrace her sweet, sometimes creepy, tales.

Various Songs From Hello Saferide (all songs are right click - save as):
Highschool Stalker

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I don't know what I would do without BSOTM.<3