[Andrew Bird's Noble Beast]
"Hold on just a second don't tell me this one. You know I know this one, I know this song. I know this one. I love this song."

It seems someone out there, or Blogger itself, has a problem with me posting to things from Noble Beast. Rather than up and asking for the files to be removed, they just went ahead and deleted my post on Noble Beast entirely without telling me. Thanks Blogger and/or the person that filed a problem with it! Here's a clue for next time, see there to your right on that navbar? That's a disclaimer kindly pointing out that any file or files that need to be removed will quite simply disappear if you just want me to get rid of it - all you have to do is tell me. Files are fine, but the rest of the work for each post from the frame to the writing takes up time, and I'd appreciate leaving that portion intact. [/Rant]

So it seems I can't share in this round everyone, but I'd still like to whole-heartedly point out that Noble Beast really is quite an album and deserves a good listen.

My picks from Noble Beast:
Oh No
Not A Robot, But A Ghost


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Blogger OddPanda said...
great album! <3