[If You've Only Got...]
4 Minutes, 35 Seconds

"And you will go to Mykonos with a vision of a gentle coast and a sun to maybe dissipate shadows of the mess you made."

"If You've Only Got" is a feature here on Both Sides showcasing one song, one artist. Whether you have all day to listen to it or just enough time to put it in play once, an If You've Only Got song is gonna be well worth that time. It could be something from way back or something entirely new to you, but ultimately it's just something I really feel like sharing...

First up for this feature is Fleet Foxes' Mykonos. Catching this in the stream of some obscure radio station in Europe, Mykonos is just the type of thing I wanted to hear at 3 in the morning. Classic isn't a term I would typically use to describe something in the genre, but there's something timeless with Mykonos. Showing up in their Sun Giant EP release early last year, Mykonos is a sterling example of Fleet Foxes' refined, harmonic melodies.

If You've Only Got Series 1 (artist name leads to site & all songs are right click - save as):
Fleet Foxes - Mykonos

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