[Matt & Kim's Grand]
"I hope that someday I'll see without these frames."

Matt & Kim are life lesson in how to enjoy your days. I don't think these guys have ever had a bad day, and it's pretty hard to have one yourself whenever you listen to them too. After nearly two years without a proper release, the adorable twosome added even more awesome to January 20th with the release of Grand, and nothing's done a better job at keeping me warm these past few awkwardly cold days. When it comes to Matt & Kim, you really hope they'd resist the temptation to grow up, but Grand's come to show off a great maturation. Essentially though, what you have is a graduation from kindergarten to first grade. Yes, everyone in the room is a bit older, but in the end, we're all still sniffing the glue we loved so much in kindergarten. They're still the crazy, active, fun kids we love only this time, with all the things they've learned, they can handle even more. Grand is quintessential Matt & Kim with even more to dance to, and who doesn't love that? Matt & Kim are of a rare breed that actually manage to knock my glasses off at live shows, and this next step has me fearing they'll just full out blind me.

Various Songs From Grand (all songs are right click - save as):
Good 'Ol Fashion Nightmare

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
i've been listening to a lot of matt and kim lately. p.s this is one of your friends. BEST friends.

Blogger OddPanda said...
Matt and Kim are SA-WEEET!

Anonymous Angela said...
Love, love, love these two to pieces