[Retrospective: Los Campesinos!]
"Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Fondness makes the absence longer."

Prepare for me to get superfluous 'cause the ups I got from this show refuse to put me back down.

Everyone's favorite Cardiff-based mariachi band took to stage at the Parish Friday night, and it's a thing of wonder that we all didn't bring that structure down. Friday night had everyone put on their dance shoes, and we did indeed dance. From the moment the septet swelled the stage, we greased our joints until the crowd was rowdy with movement. On stage, things were hardly stagnant either. With Los Campesinos!, you get an undeniable feeling of friendship between the members, and in character, this group of friends is nothing but a bunch of rugrats. Bustling, fidgeting, tossing and turning - what you had on stage was a group of musically-inclined preschoolers, and bringing us into their world of chaos and innocence, we jumped, danced, and yelled just like any preschool class from hell ought to do.

Playing a healthy setlist that grabbed from their first and sophomore albums, the group paced themselves that night. Pleas for "You! Me! Dancing!" were met with edging, but the second that intro started, we prepared for the dance party of our lives. I've never seen so many stage dives occur. I've never seen a lot of the things that happened that night. Los Campesinos! has proven to me time and time again how much they truly deserve that exclamation point and just so much more. I don't care if I just built up high expectations, because the fact is, they'll meet them. If these guys show up anywhere near you or even anywhere far from you, I highly recommend you show up with your favorite party hat and boogie shoes.

Los Campesinos! @ The Parish

Los Campesinos! @ The Parish

Los Campesinos! @ The Parish

Los Campesinos! @ The Parish

Various Songs From Los Campesinos! (all songs are right click - save as):
You! Me! Dancing!
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
The International Tweexcore Underground

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Blogger Trey Dunn said...
I got some video of the show! It was awesome. Too close to the stage to get good sound though. But did capture those stage dives and crazy crowd antics! Enjoyed Titus as well!











and Titus...