[Retrospective: Efterklang @ SXSW]



The Danish sextet dubbed as Efterklang took to stage at the scenic French Legation Museum. As one of my picks of bands to see at the fest, I had high expectations for Efterklang, and thankfully so, they matched up to those expectations to a tee. With their bells, trumpets, violins, flutes and xylophones, Efterklang is an orchestra that drowns you in their elements. The crowd was enamoured and bespectacled with this Copenhagen-based band as they led beautiful, effervescent pieces. Translated over, Efterklang means "reverberation" or "after noise", and it couldn't be any more appropriate. For such an ambient sound, there's a powerful effect that lasts and mulls you over and over. Watching this group is both a current and retrospective experience that culminates into an almost meditative experience.

Various Songs From Efterklang (all songs are right click - save as):
Cutting Ice To Snow

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