[Retrospective: New Villager @ SXSW]
[New Villager]

[New Villager]

With a morning that found me once again wandering Paste's Radio Room, the synthing keys of New Villager slowly called people into the tent out back. The dreamlike call sifted through the groggy morning air slowly buzzing people to start their day. It amazes me that such an unpretentious twosome could freely call towards it such a large crowd at such an ungodly time (noon is early here). On stage stood the nonassuming duo - a towering, spectacled man and his average height colleague brought in a good crowd in the first few minutes of their siren's call. With one at the keys singing low, secret-filled whispers, the other stood at the edge of the stage swinging high pitched vocals while his hands motioned the sound flow, a conductor of sorts. Despite the resistance to dance so early in the day, New Villager slowly infused into us the need to move - a sway, at first, slowly working into heavier gestures. Like we'd be able to help it. With such a right sound rich enough to take us down, New Villager encompasses a sound that plucks everything from everywhere to make a groove-heavy, instantly-likeable sound.

Various Songs From New Villager (all songs are right click - save as):
Rich Doors
Ghengis On

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