[If You've Only Got...]
2 Minutes, 15 Seconds

"I take the city in the dead of night. I'm burning gas until I feel alright."

"If You've Only Got" is a feature here on Both Sides showcasing one song, one artist. Whether you have all day to listen to it or just enough time to put it in play once, an If You've Only Got song is gonna be well worth that time. It could be something from way back or something entirely new to you, but ultimately it's just something I really feel like sharing...

The experienced duo that take too the stages as the Eagles of Death Metal play a classic form of rock that's just dirty and chainsmoking. Coming from their latest release, Heart On (clever?), Wannabe in LA is a showcase of their brand. With the start of a few heavy grunts, the song progresses into a cocky, stairstepping rhythm with heavy breaths and the cadence of some simple, rocking acoustics.

If You've Only Got Series 3 (all songs are right click - save as):
Wannabe in LA

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