[Jamie Lidell]
"TNT between you and me. All that dynamite, can't you see?"

Jamie Lidell - such a soulful, soulful white man. I'm sure this gentleman walks the streets with the sun shining at his back and a gospel choir following only a few steps behind. Proclaiming his words like a preacher on one particularly joyous sunday, Lidell's music encapsulates soul and spirit. With a flurry of tambourining and the fuzz of an aged Wurlitzer, Lidell's a sunday servce, in the guise of rock, preaching about love and life. With an upbeat, uplifiting, uproarious demeanor, Lidell is just up, up and up and gets you on your feet, so play that music, white boy.

Various Songs from Jamie Lidell's JIM (all songs are right click - save as):
Another Day
Out of My System

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Anonymous Sarah said...
Such a soulful, soulful white man is right