[Retrospective: Camera Obscura @ SXSW]
[Camera Obscura]

[Camera Obscura]

[Camera Obscura]

Camera Obscura was yet another replay - a band I had seen just the day before, and yet, like the Grates, I had no problems with seeing again. In fact, if anything, I was more glad tos ee them today, as today whey were playing in full compared to the exclusion of one the day before. Ah yes, the full set. Taking position at the mic, the petite, swan-buttoned Tracyanne Campbell hid behind her guitar. Slowly approaching the stand, lifting her head high, Campbell began to utter the words to a piece from My Maudlin Career in that oh-so-distinct Scottish deliverance of hers. Beautifully cushioned by the sounds around her, this air of comfort, a lulling sound blanketed the crowd - it's hard to imagine this sedated crowd was the same rambunctious bunch that moshed to the sounds of Peelander-Z just a few minutes before. We were hushed, calmed and persuaded by the Glaswegian septet. The setlist, to no surprise, mostly reflected their upcoming release, My Maudlin Career - a beautiful collection of songs with the undeniable familiarity that makes it quintessentially Camera Obscura. The group glided through their set, and just as all the best of things seem to go, seemed to have left as quickly as they came despite having a hearty setlist.

Various Songs From Camera Obscura (all songs are right click - save as):
French Navy
Forest and Sands
Let's Get Out Of This Country

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