[Retrospective: The Grates @ SXSW]
[The Grates]

[The Grates]

[The Grates]

[The Grates]

Spending the entire day at the Hot Freaks! event, I started my day with the Grates, a group I had seen the day before at the Aussie BBQ and had no problems whatsoever in seeing again. The show at Hot Freaks was just as amazing, and as it should be, they pulled that off without having to regurge the exact same show. The Grates are truly something to get excited about. When one of the warm-ups on stage is to simply jump up and down, you know you're in for a show that's anything but passive. Considering the show antics, this band is just all about fun, and these guys make extra sure you have it, refusing to let anyone get through the show sitting down. Brushing the sweat off her brow, Patience Hodgson made fun a work-out, and having fun was their career, their job, their work. The group is just as infectious as their music, if not more so, and the vocals delivered by Hodgson refused to let anyone down as she waltzed across stage - jumping, skipping, hopping. All the while she would point playfully at members of the crowd, dedicating songs to everyone and everything. The stage was all smiles, the crowd was all smiles. Nearing the end of their set, she called out to us to make room. Parting like the Red Sea, she took with her a twirler as they started Rock Boys. Twirling the purple ribbon around her, Hodgson was like a central planet with a cascading ring moving around her. Eventually this lonesome planet was joined by an unexpected, and very random member of the crowd clad in rainbow spandex. Taking an orbit, this fellow ribbon twirler danced and played with Hodgson. You never really know what you'll get when you see the Grates, but one thing can always be expected - you will most definitely, most assuredly have a good time...guaranteed.

Various Songs From The Grates (all songs are right click - save as):
Aw Yeah
Milk Eyes
Rock Boys

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