[Retrospective: Peelander-Z @ SXSW]




I had stuck around under the insistence of Matt from YANP. After seeing pictures from their last Hot Freaks! engagement, it really wouldn't have taken much persuasion for me to stay. My position grasped closely to the edge of the stage, and I came in fully expecting to not know what to expect. Their soundcheck teased us with their antics ranging from the coming and going of various wigged streaks of color to odd calls being made at the mic, but that was but a sliver of what was to come. Peelander-Z took two things to their advantage with their performance - the fact that we were never, at any point, going to really ever understand what they were going to say and that we would spend a great deal of our time in confusion. Essentially, they took what it is to be a Japanese band and molded it in their faavor so that we would end up the foreigners at the the end of it. The clashing of East and west turned our world upside down and proceeded to shake the shit out of it. Unprepared for it all, Peelanders Yellow and Green began the mayhem and were eventually joined by Red, clad in a costume straight out of Power Rangers. Eventually, the tentacled beast was thrown aside, and rightly so. As if they'd need costumes to illustrate the idea that they're monstrous, wild things. It was a show of unbounding energy filled with stage dives, audience immersion and just all-out craziness.

Various Songs From Peelander-Z (all songs are right click - save as):
Ninja-High Schooool

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