[Retrospective: Slow Club @ SXSW]
[Slow Club]

[Slow Club]

[Slow Club]

Whether the British have a thing for playing in hotel lobbies or not, I found myself at the Sheraton to catch Slow Club. Having been well on their way through their set, a sizable crowd had already gathered around the corner of the hotel bar, and as any bar environment should be, celebration and enjoyment was abound. You might as well have thrown confetti around the whole time. I excitedly joined the fray walking in to the beat of the floor tom, playing to demeanor of a parade march, and an amazingly affluent amount of fun was had with this couple as they worked the crowd with no more than a guitar and a modest drum set. Slow Club is anything but a let down, and a highly recommended watch.

Various Songs From Slow Club (all songs are right click - save as):
Me And You
Summer Shakedown

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