[The Sweet Serenades]
"Tell me baby, where you been so long?"

Damn, these guys are catchy. Introducing themselves as the woodsmen of Sweden, this duo wields more than just axes. With instruments in hand a creative knack for song, these guys carry the propensity to make me alliterate, for the Swedish Sweet Serenades serenade sweetly in Sweden indeed. Utilizing handclaps, tuneful guitarwork, and rounded, hearty drumbeats, these are some dangerously talented axemen - as in axemen that are dangerously talented, although I'm sure they're amazingly skillful with an axe too. What a double threat! There's an aspect to their music that really gets you to realize that these guys really understand what they're doing - experts at their craft. If I were to make a pie chart of their components, slices would be even. Nothing outplays other parts here, and these guys just make a damn good pie. The Sweet Serenades - musicians, woodsmen, bakers.

Various songs from The Sweet Serenades (all songs are right click - save as):
Mona Lee
I Can Never Die
First Taste of Trouble

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