[Sam Isaac]
"I went out to try and make a history of being brave"

Sitting across from me in a diner as a night of South By is set to begin is a looming figure with a flaming red mop of hair on his head - a ginger giant. Once you've read him as that, it's hard to know him as otherwise - sorry, Sam! If you have to know him by any other name though, he's Sam Isaac. Sam's a working model of just how much of a cottage industry music can be. With the support and contribution of friends doing everything from touring to artwork, this young Londoner progressed from a tour consisting of livings rooms to some of Britain's biggest fests. With his makeshift crew at his side, Sam produces a set of pop with an interesting contrast between deep, breathy vocals and light, twinkly settings. As contradictory as it seems, there's an honesty to his character and a warmth to his voice that give heart to the lyrics of his love pop creations. Sam's currently on tour in the UK, so if you're somewhere on that island, be sure to check him out.

Various songs from Sam Isaac (all songs are right click - save as):
Sticker Star And Tape
Come Back Home Tonight

Learn more and check out his current tour dates at his site.
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Blogger Fred Earle said...
Hey dude,yeah,this artist is really cool,for me the new Matt Pond Pa,listen Cinematic low,another great song from Sam.
Check my blog,mister.