[Concert-Goers: The Curfew Breaker]
[The Curfew Breaker]

Concert-Goers is a series aiming to outline all the people you're bound to bump into at a concert. Admittedly, I've fallen into some of these categories. Chances are you've been guilty of being one of these people too. As much as we typically hate these people, it's just not a concert without at least one of them present.

The curfew breaker is soooooooo lucky. She got to stay up late tonight after spending hours begging her mom (perhaps the wandering cougar) to watch this show. She's gonna go to school tomorrow and brag to all her friends about what a great time she had and about how much cooler she is than they are. Though I commend the curfew breaker for having a musical inclination towards anything that isn't the Jonas Brothers, I can't help but wonder why the little pre-teen isn't at home sleeping. At least she's safe while she's out at night, the curfew breaker more than likely brought some friends along with her, and they absolutely loooove talking (the whole time).

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Abernethy - Unforgettably Young
Deerhoof - Kidz Are So Small
MGMT - Kids


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