[Concert-Goers: The Drunken Dancer]
[The Drunken Dancer]

Concert-Goers is a series aiming to outline all the people you're bound to bump into at a concert. Admittedly, I've fallen into some of these categories. Chances are you've been guilty of being one of these people too. As much as we typically hate these people, it's just not a concert without at least one of them present.

The drunken dancer, by far, has the best moves in the entire venue. Well, at least he has the best moves in his head, but more often than not, he actually does have some pretty bitchin' moves. He's also completely unaware of everything but the music. In all this uninhibited goodness, drunken dancer will bumble about pulling moves that make him look like a giant baby learning to walk. After a few successful steps, he usually just starts jumping up and down and won't bother stopping until he's on the verge of vomiting. If you're lucky, he'll stop at that point. If you're not, well I don't think what's to happen is really that unclear - if you really want to know, you can ask Alina. With the capacity to transform the rest of the sober crowd into a giant dance party, drunken dancer is my favorite concertgoer.

Artist name leads to site and all songs are right click - save as:
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - Satan Said Dance
Dappled Cities - Granddance
The Pink Mountaintops - Can You Do That Dance?


No Otherwheres On This One Guys


Blogger Felicia_Ceballos said...
Ugh...this one is by far the most annoying. If I'm ever that person shoot me in the face.