[Concert-Goers: The Shirtless And/Or Sweaty Guy]
[The Shirtless And/Or Sweaty Guy]

Concert-Goers is a series aiming to outline all the people you're bound to bump into at a concert. Admittedly, I've fallen into some of these categories. Chances are you've been guilty of being one of these people too. As much as we typically hate these people, it's just not a concert without at least one of them present.

The shirtless (and if you're really lucky, sweaty) guy usually comes out of nowhere. There you are enjoying the set until all of a sudden - BAM! - you glimpse bare flesh shining in sweaty glory. Compromising the health standards of that establishment almost immediately after the collar of his shirt extrudes his head, shirtless guy is usually also drunken dancer. For some reason, shirtless guy sees the need to unknowingly touch everyone there with his half-naked body. With an invisible dance train at his back, shirtless guy congas his way through the whole crowd before disappearing somewhere. Whether or not he'll return is a mystery, and frankly, that thought scares the shit out of you.

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The Grates - Wash Me
Tim Fite - More Clothes
Toothfairy - Don't Sweat It


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