[Concert-Goers: The Wandering Cougar]
[The Wandering Cougar]

Concert-Goers is a series aiming to outline all the people you're bound to bump into at a concert. Admittedly, I've fallen into some of these categories. Chances are you've been guilty of being one of these people too. As much as we typically hate these people, it's just not a concert without at least one of them present.

With her margarita in hand, the wandering cougar is on the prowl to instantly make your environment just a teensy bit more awkward. Being of a more respectable age than you, this lady is always more than eager to tell you, or simply the empty air around her, the facts of life amidst her drunken stupor. How she got there is anyone's guess. Most of the time she thinks she's at a karaoke bar, and she'll always tell you how great the guy doing karaoke is. Oh wandering cougar, how you managed to lose your pack of bar-hopping housewives is beyond me.

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Mi and L'au - Older
The Starlight Mints - Margarita


No Otherwheres On This One Guys


Blogger Amy said...
This is the best one yet :)

Blogger Danny said...
Man, I don't know you, and you don't know me, but this is so spot on. I can't seem to go to a show without ending up in the vicinity of one of these creatures. I somehow attract them like flies to honey.