[Red Stripe Tour Featuring Terry Lynn and John Hugo]
Red Stripe Tour

The Red Stripe Tour featuring Terry Lynn and John Hugo has been blazing across these United States and is set to wrap things up at it's final stop in New York City tomorrow night. Commissioned by the Jamaican lager in the short, ugly bottle that's helped white people dance for years, Jamaica-based Lynn's teamed up with DJ Hugo to present "It Was Written," an EP set to celebrate the worldwide influence, importance and appeal of the rhythms and pulse of Jamaican music. If you're in NYC, be sure to catch the final wrap-up of this tour for good times, good music, and of course, free Red Stripe [RSVP]. It's music and beer! Hurray music! Hurray beer!

From Terry Lynn & John Hugo's It Was Written (all songs are right click - save as):
Steppin' Up
Feast Your Eyes

Grab the rest of the EP at the Fader site.


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