[Retrospective: Lissy Trullie & Anya Marina]
"I'm never gonna find you handsome like the other girls do."

The lights dimmed as the blonde, petite songstress that is Anya Marina started the night without a call to stop the commotion. Standing on stage all alone if not for her guitar, Anya started a noticeable transition changing the untranslatable haze of sound at Emo's into the sound of her voice and guitar. Anya Marina seemed somewhat zoned out that night...in a good way. Perhaps she was was perplexed at the nakedness of our streets during a time that's not SXSW, or maybe she lost her mind at the dessert bar at Whole Foods' HQ. Whatever the reason, Anya Marina was rightfully in a place of her own. Nestled in the cushiony sound of her musical world, Anya Marina performed a relaxed, chilled, laid-back set that spanned her young discography and a cover of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like." In a finale that perfectly clinched her set, Anya called forth Fernando - a stout, hispanic trumpeteer she had stolen from Jason Mraz during his last tour. The wailings of Fernando's trumpet coupled with the shuffling beat of "All the Same To Me."

Lissy Trullie commanded the stage next, and her presence was not unnoticeable. With a knack for melody, Trullie immediately found a beat that the crowd found amiable. The crowd, moving in close, lazy-footed in step to the music. There was a constant spray of guitar based on an intermittent, heavy pounding of drums creating a sound as hazy as my vision. Have I mentioned that I lost my glasses yet? I was blind as a bat that night, and my vision, based on hearing, put me in a fritz. Bringing about a bobblehead crowd, heads nodded in approval of the guitar-laden tracks. The beat was drunken with a fervor that rivaled those bumbling to the beat in the crowd from sole drunkeness. Not one to be upped by the cover done the set prior, Trullie's crew set to fashioning Hot Chip's "Ready For the Floor" to their own styling. Together, both Trullie and Marina made for great openings worthy of their own billing.

Anya Marina @ Emo's

Anya Marina @ Emo's

Lissy Trullie @ Emo's

Lissy Trullie @ Emo's

Various Songs From Anya Marina (all songs are right click - save as):
Move You
All The Same To Me

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Various Songs From Lissy Trullie:
Boy Boy
Ready For The Floor [Hot Chip Cover]

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Blogger Hanan said...
very nice post. I love Fernando! he played with Jason when I saw him...
I've seen these two young ladies perform live and they're both quite talented.