[Rock Snobbery |:| A List]
[Rock Snobbery |:| A List]

Referencing it because I can, Urban Dictionary defines a rock snob as "an especially irritating breed of tool." Yes - in life's tool box, rock snobs are right there next to the guy who thinks he's the Fonz. Even if they have a characteristically, well, snobby attitude, rock snobs are a proud subset the music community can't exist without. Rock Snobbery is a badge one should be eager to both wear and hide - like the STD badge for Girl Scouts. While being ahead of the curve and the eliteness that come with being a rock snob are admittedly desirable, it's a slippery slope and quick fall down to you simply just being a douche. To help you carefully extract out the bad rock snob qualities from the good ones, I offer this checklist - hash too many of these, and you, sir or madam, are holding your nose too high.

- You hate music everyone else likes (and, consequently, love the music everyone else seems to hate).

- As much as you wish them the best, you have an unvoiced desire for your beloved "secret" band to never be discovered.

- You brag about never listening to the radio.

- You secretly judge people at as they browse through the record store.

- You've committed to memory each and every single vinyl record you own that way you can tell people all about it.

- You secretly judge people as they talk about a band.

- Rather than admitting to not knowing about a particular artist, you go straight to saying how you simply don't like, for the vaguest of reasons, the aforementioned unknown.

- Once you've agreed that a certain artist is great, you flowchart your way to either loving or hating that person based on the album they like best.

- You always arrive at a concert wondering how the hell everyone else heard about the band you're about to watch.

- You go out of your way to prove you heard about a band before someone else did.

- You start to question just how much you reaaally like a band once their gigs have upgraded to better and/or higher-capacity venues.

- You automatically scrap anything that's considered "mainstream" from your listening sessions.

- You cringe a little every time a song you like is used for a commercial and/or immediately stop listening to that song, or even band, entirely.

Rock Snobbery Mix (artist name leads to site & all songs are right click - save as):
Bishop Allen - Vain
The Brunettes - The Record Store
CSS - Music Is My Hot Sex
Captain of Industry - Greater Than Greater Than
The Chalets - C'est Supercool
Frightened Rabbit - Be Less Rude
Great Northern - Telling Lies
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm A Liar
Team Genius - I'm Just An Idiot
The Wave Pictures - Leave The Scene Behind
We Are Scientists - This Scene Is Dead


Nope, Still No Otherwheres To Be Found Down Here


Blogger Chelsea said...
Haha, love it!

Anonymous Mark said...
Sadly, I think I checked off too many of these things.

Anonymous liz said...
love your blog, found you through Breakthru Radio. top notch, looking forward to your radio set!

Anonymous Jess said...
thank you for this post it made me giggle. too many people in the blogosphere are taking themselves too seriously.