I Miss Lisa Hannigan & Damien Rice

The other day I was browsing through YouTube just like all of you were when I came upon a music video of Lisa Hannigan's. My thought process: Lisa Hannigan? Oh my god! Lisa Hannigan! I used to be in love with you!

I wasn't really in love with her. I was in love with her and Damien.

The combination of voice from Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan was really fucking spot on. Epic. EPIC. They have two of the best voices in the folk genre, but they were even better together. "Volcano" is the perfect example of this. Epic. EPIC. Maybe it's the sadness of both their voices. Maybe it's because Damien Rice is a musical genius and made songs that would perfectly exemplify their prowess. I can't really name it. But they just sound so good together... I wanted them to get married... They were perfect... Fuck Sonny and Cher...

... and then on March 25, 2007, Damien wrote on his website that "his professional relationship with Lisa Hannigan has run its course." WTF. Like really. WTF. I was heartbroken. And I knew Damien would live on and Lisa would fall to the backdrop forever...

... but I was obviously wrong. YouTube told me. I was watching the video for "Lille." I wanted to love it. I wanted to love her again. The music wasn't bad. Her voice was still the same. But the video began and she was just so clean and she was wearing make-up and I just kept on thinking back to the little Lisa Hannigan with the messy braids and layered necklaces and bracelets and... *sigh*

I miss Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice.

Video killed the radio star. The video for "Volcano."

Miss Miss Miss
mp3 Volcano

A for Effort
mp3 Lille
Anonymous Neil Cake said...
I have to question your attribution of genius status to Damien Rice, but never mind, I'm sure you wouldn't agree with some of my nominations for that honour...

...nevertheless, I insist you give Lisa Hannigan another chance. Her album is terrific. I wouldn't have expected it (not being a fan of Damien Rice), but it's actually my favourite album of the year so far, and the best album I've heard this year (that is, including records released in other years that I've heard for the first time this year - if you know what I mean).

Anonymous MP3 Now said...
Good blog!

Blogger fulltext said...
I agree. Sea Sew was in my top ten last year.

I think its Damien Rice who will be left behind and forgotten as a one-hit wonder.

Try this live performance by Lisa


Blogger Ryan said...
Dude. The stuff they did together is incredible. I don't like him without her or her without him. NOT the same.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nah I disagree. Damien Rice is, to put it bluntly, a little bit of an asshole. Their "professional relationship" ending pretty much came about when, just before a gig, he went up to her and told her he didn't want to sing with her any more. Which is also apparently similar to how he left Juniper (a band he was in with Bell X1).

I always got the feeling she was a bit repressed when she was with Damien. I've seen her live, and she's smiling a lot more now. While I agree Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan sound brilliant together, her happiness shines through a lot on Sea Sew and really turns it into a great album.

Anonymous poker rakeback said...
Damien Rice is one of the most talented singer/songwriters of this generation. He sings with such emotion and you can hear his soul come through the music. He is an amazing musician that deserves more attention. I hope I can see him in concert sometime!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yesyesyes!!! I couldn't have said it better myself, though I rant and rave and groan and grumble about the saddess of it all!
Damien Rice + Lisa Hannigan > Tiesto + Tegan and Sara
and thats saying something >_>

But yeah, the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. On youtube bumming around and I find Lisa! And it mad me sad... because her music videos are so cute and simple but they lack Damien and his God-sent gorgeous/sexy/amazingness. And Damien loss Lisa which makes him epic - 100.

Anyways, I don't mean to completely reiterate your post, but I completely agree.
I miss them as well :(
Alas, all I have are the BBC live recordings to keep me going... Eskimo, Woman Like a Man, Volcano... ahhh...

Anonymous Rachel said...
I understand what you're saying.. Whenever I'm watching the old Damo on Youtube, I realize how much i miss them together. It's such a shame what happened. And it's also sad for Damien, ofcourse it's his fault! But i think he realizes he'd lost a very special person.
lisa's moved on. She's all fresh and her happy self. I love her style and the make up though.

the one thing i totally hate about this situation, is that Damien has this new gal. I don't want to be mean or anything, but I will always compare her with Lisa, so there's just no change for her. Her voice is not special at all (lisa's liek an angel), she looks nervous all the time (Lisa always looked shy in a cute way), she just doesnt feel the music and it's a shame..

Damo should be making music alone, and not going to Spain with some Hollywood actors and try to make 10 songs in 10 days or find some pretty gal to sing with. No, he should be going back to Dublin, making music like he used to, sing about this gal he once had and still loves with all his heart and just wait there untill the day she can forgive him, comes back to him and then get married :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I second this. They are the MOST amazing combination. They almost should not have gotten togeather, for this exact reason, now we have no more music from them. Damien Rice is amazing, but lisa hannigan just added that PERFECT touch. I wish they would sort it out. Its kind of sad...