[Spoon's Got Nuffin]
"Got nothin' to lose but darkness and shadows. Got nothin' to lose but bitterness and patterns."

Actually, Spoon's got a plenty, and their latest, Got Nuffin, was recently released to remind us of that. Coming in as the first recorded release from the quartet since Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, Got Nuffin showcases the continued progression of goodness that Spoon offers. Following a discography like theirs is nothing but an escalation of quality and craft, and serving only as a teaser of an EP, Got Nuffin's got me closely waiting on the edge for their next release, something that we're told is right on the heels of this EP.

Being a short piece of work, I can't really post anything from it with good conscience, but hopefully these tracks will be enough to keep you occupied until you get it for yourself.

Various Songs From Spoon (all songs are right click - save as):
Target [Live]
The Way We Get By [Live]
It's Gonna Take An Airplane [Dan Bejar Cover]

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Otherwheres - Apparently hosting rare tracks is disagreeable with some people, and I had to repost this with something else.