[Chairlift On Tour]
"Stop, drop and roll. Gotta stop and put out the fire."

When I picked Chairlift up for a "If You've Only Got..." post early in the summer, it was to commend them for being such a perfect pick-me-up on such a rainy day. It seems between Chairlift and I, rain is always in the equation - nearly 1o" of it in this case. In what was so supposed to be a retrospective piece, I'm only left complaining about the randomness of Texas weather. Rest assured though, had I trekked through flooded road and slippery causeways, I would have had one hell of a night with the likes of Chairlift. Starting things off in Texas, leaves plenty of dates left on the US leg of their tour with October being reserved for even more engagements in Europe. I may have missed them here, but that definitely shouldn't stop you from checking them out when they stop round your whereabouts.

From Chairlift's Does You Inspire You (all songs are right click - save as):
Planet Health

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