Darwin Deeez & Bishop Allen @ Mohawk

Darwin Deeez dancing!

Bishop Allen, not dancing.

I have not been to a concert in Austin since I headed to Baltimore for my higher education.  So when I heard Bishop Allen, one of my favorite bands in high school, was playing Mohawk, one of my favorite venues, on Friday night, I went and got a ticket.

My friend and I arrived two hours before the opening band was to open.  With our free time we explored Mohawk in its entirety and even found where the band members were getting drunk in their own private room.  We are still under 21 (ugh, STILL) so had nothing to drink in our hands.  We were bored.

Darwin Deeez soon made us very not bored.  They began their set with a choreographed dance.  These dances continued throughout their set. Here are two of their dances:

Musically, the band was strange.  The lead singer and guitarist only had four strings on his Squier.  Overall the sound was cheap, if not entertaining.  The lyrics were cute and fun, mostly involving science-y aspects like DNA and such.  Although Darwin Deeez provided a great deal of fun, I would not go out of my way to see them again.

And then Bishop Allen was on.  I thought they would play all their songs I knew and loved from high school.  I guess they've been busy since I graduated high school, because I did not recognize any of their new songs.  A whole pack of semi-formally dressed white people seemed to know every lyric, however, and danced obnoxiously throughout their set.  My friend was forced to dance by a rather large woman, leaving her shaken and angry.  Despite the annoying crowd, I did manage to have my ear drums blown out at the edge of the stage.  I locked eyes with the drummer and realized it was the drummer from We Are Scientists.  The rhythm was much better than before.

However, I missed the Bishop Allen of the yesteryears.  This Bishop Allen was unrecognizable.  There was a new chick who looked like an Urban Outfitters model reject.  There were five people onstage.  They played music I'd never heard. 

Oh well. I need to be educated.

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Anonymous courtney said...
Ah, I saw both of them in Fort Worth, and I have to say I probably WOULD go out of my way to see DD again...It was a fun show. I have to ask, though -- did you think it was 2 guys and 2 girls, or 3 guys and 1 girl? We've been arguing about it for DAYS.

Blogger Alina said...
oh oh oh. definitely 3 guys and 1 girl. mr. backwards cap is a mister, most definitely.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
You do need to be educated. Remind me to slap ya with a copy of Grr... next time I see you.

Yargh, work. I shoulda gone with ya, we coulda partied hearty.