[If You've Only Got...]
2 Minutes, 26 Seconds

"Who's gonna get their car broken into? You and you and you!"

"If You've Only Got" is a feature here on Both Sides showcasing one song, one artist. Whether you have all day to listen to it or just enough time to put it in play once, an If You've Only Got song is gonna be well worth that time. It could be something from way back or something entirely new to you, but ultimately it's just something I really feel like sharing...

Coming in just in time to make a party out of your weekend are none other than Austinite duo CUSTODIAN. What else can you expect from a label that's known to party? Rounding out the roster at Artifact Workshop Records - home to names you might have read on here recently like DJ Car Stereo (Wars) and Neiliyo - with another addition are Adreon Henry and Jay Bradley of CUSTODIAN. See that? All caps, so you know they're serious. With backgrounds that sprout from performance art, Henry and Bradley bring forth a sound that's definitively creative and unique. With these artistic roots at their backing as they press forth into a realm of dance, CUSTODIAN is one group that's sure to throw hearty arty parties. If you're in my area of Austin, Texas and the immediate beyond, definitely be sure to drop by for their CD release party at Bird's on Sixth tomorrow for what's sure to be dance-tastic!

If You've Only Got Series 5 (all songs are right click - save as):
CUSTODIAN - Pop-a-lock

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Anonymous Consuela said...
Meester Superman is no here.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Although I highly doubt your name's really Consuela with that reference, kudos to catching the Family Guy frame reference haha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
dig it!