[The Paper Scissors]
"We don't walk! We don't sit! We don't stand! We fly!"

This trio hails from Australia, a world of it's own for me ever since I stopped writing to my penpal in Melbourne. Since then, the word coming from that overgrown South Pacific island has been close to mum, but every now and again I'll stumble onto something from Australia that has me wonder why the hell I don't hear about bands from that countrinent more often. The Paper Scissors bring about a brand of rock that has me singing, loudly and badly, along, and when you give a listen to "We Don't Walk," I'm sure you'll get a rather good impression of my honky yodeling. As it stands, The Paper Scissors lean towards the poppier end of the rock fence, which is precisely the direction I like to tip my bands toward. So ready your fist for a game, because quite simply - Paper. Scissors. Rock.

Various songs from The Paper Scissors (all songs are right click - save as):
We Don't Walk

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Otherwheres - Have a great weekend!
Anonymous Caitlin said...
Great find

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Caitlin - Glad to share!