"But the modern drift is all I have."

Rightfully ushering in the month of December here on Both Sides is the snow flurry sound of Efterklang, and rightfully ushering in the sound of Efterklang is a preview of their upcoming release, Magic Chairs, due out in February. If I remember my Danish If I Googled correctly, Efterklang comes from the Danish word for remembrance or reverberation, and it couldn't be any more appropriate. For such an ambient sound, there's a powerful effect that lasts and mulls you over and over. Listening to this Copenhagen-based group ends up being both a current and retrospective experience that culminates into an almost meditative experience that leaves you in a space that's just spacey and dreamy.

From Efterklang's Magic Chairs (all songs are right click - save as):
Modern Drift

From Efterklang's Parades:

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Anonymous Chris said...
Am I the only one that feels like the direction Modern Drift is heading seems a bit more....."common"?

Anonymous Sara said...
I love it, and can't wait for Magic Chairs.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Chris - If I have to be honest here, I'm gonna go ahead and agree to SOME of that. If I'm translating what you mean by common right, then yeah there seems to be a bit more of a catering towards a popular sound. On the other hand, I think Efterklang's sound is just generally something a lot of people would enjoy.

Sara - Having said all of the above, I couldn't agree more about not being able to wait for Magic Chairs.

Thanks for the comments guys!