[If You've Only Got...]
4 Minutes, 3 Seconds

"I'm goin' back and forth, been goin' back and forth, then goin' back and forth. I want you to feel everything that I feel!"

Filling the hills of Austin with the sound of music like a group of the most "gifted" Von Trapp children, the Bright Light Social Hour have been frolicking (in a manner similar to what's pictured above) around Central Texas since 2005. On the table for this If You've Only Got... feature is their decidedly danceable piece of tunage, "Back and Forth." Consisting of a highly suggestive repetition regarding something going in and out and stair-stepping elements that climb up and move back down - back and forth, back and forth - this is one song that's sure to keep you moving. Overall, Bright Light Social Hour just makes you wish they wouldn't shut their Von Trapps.

If You've Only Got Series 6 (all songs are right click - save as):
The Bright Light Social Hour - Back And Forth

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