[White Lies]
White Lies
"I picture my own grave 'cause fear's got a hold on me. Yes, this fear's got a hold on me."

For me, South By of 09's dying audibles were sung by White Lies as their sound resonated from some far off stage of some venue on Red River Street. They, essentially, officially closed the fest for me, and as December rolls on by, I find that the London trio, heavy on my playlists lately, is set to close the year for me now too. As I readied up this post, I worked on the frame above noting how much I really disliked the lack of creativity in their promotional shot. Glancing at it again though, I see that it actually works as a perfect illustration of their sound. There you have White Lies - three darkly-dressed figures in a well-lit tunnel of white. A bit of dark shadow in a bright, white tunnel is, rightfully, what you have with White Lies. With vocals provided by the deepened, hollowed voice of Harry McVeigh, White Lies gets that characteristically dark impression, but the overall sound, the overall feeling you get from listening to these guys isn't some frightful, dark conviction. No, instead there's an unexplained source of lightness to their music that has you feeling more up than down.

Various songs from White Lies (all songs are right click - save as):
Lose My Life

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Anonymous Ashley said...
That drawing is beeaaaaauuutiful. It made my day, and great music to boot!

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Ashley - Thanks!