The xx

The xx was first turned on to me by the older sister of an old friend of mine.  Don't older sisters usually always have the coolness factor set in?

I take a long while to get warmed up to a band.  For some reason, solo artists always find a way into my musical soul a lot quicker.  The xx was no different.  They were recommended and ignored.  They came to Austin and they left.  It was only when they were reviewed on all my favorite Austin sites that I finally decided to give them a listen.

And I'm so glad I did.

From London, England, this original foursome attended the same school as juggernauts, Hot Chip.  I say original foursome, because keyboardist Baria Qureshi has been naughty, not showing up to shows, claiming exhaustion, and has left the band.

The sound is dark and eery.  Perfect for a nighttime drive or stroll.  Along with its eeriness, however, comes an undeniable groove that gives the music an almost hip hop dimension.  Perfect for this blogger.

Lesson learned: listen to older sisters.

mp3 Crystalised
mp3 Basic Space
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Umm there's something wrong with dis sentence - The xx was first turned on to me by the older sister of an old friend of mine.

Blogger Alina said...
There's something wrong with this sentence:

Umm there's something wrong dis sentence...

Anonymous amy said...
I think she meant she was first turned on to the XX...but who the hell cares? Using the word "dis" is inexcusable.