[Spoon: On Transference]
"Look out! All I know is all I know. Yes, all I know is all I know."

For anyone that's been reading this blog a while, it should come as no surprise that I'm quite fond of the Austin quartet that is Spoon - a band that, I feel, needs no introduction. At that, let's just jump right into Transference. Now when it comes to Spoon's discography, one of the things I've come to love is the lasting quality of each album. Call it bias, but I honestly think it's impossible to wear out any of their albums. Every listen evokes the same things you experienced when you first listened to the song. And on the occasion it does get old, it doesn't just get old; it goes classic. With nothing coming out from their end last year, I knew to expect something in 2010, and lo and behold it was delivered in Transference - out today. With previews in songs like Written in Reverse and Got Nuffin, I wasn't expecting to be surprised at Transference's release as much as I was with Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, yet after giving a thorough listen to their latest, I found myself still receiving the unexpected.

When I reviewed Ga Ga, I noted that Spoon reinvented themselves in a way that simply took everything they were and presented it in a new manner. Looking back, it's without a doubt I can still say Ga Ga was a departure for a lot of people. In Transference, I get the impression that they're a lot more comfortable with the demeanor that Ga Ga carried. What does that mean? Transference has the confidence they had back with releasing something like Ga Ga applied to what is essentially their classic sound - a perfect merging of the new with their old. It took the direction that Ga Ga was going, and simply sprang a U-Turn to run through everywhere that it's been already to pick it all up before it keeps going. Where they're going is unknown, but I'm gonna call it and say my mind will be blown come the next release. Needless to say, this latest album has a sense of all its predecessors, and this album since takes everything they were before Ga Ga and just makes it cockier, more confident. It's an improvement on what didn't need to be improved. A great thing made even better. Transference can be picked up from shelves today and should not be missed.

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Anonymous ralina said...
i am a die hard fan of spoon pls keep updating about him he is so smart


Anonymous Richard said...
I love Spoon, but....I could have been more impressed by this album.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
ralina - I'd loooove to post more Spoon, but it's been difficult lately with how we've been getting in trouble with some of their tracks. We're trying to keep the DMCA bit under control, but on the upside, seeing as the rights AREN'T theirs for covers, I'm going to try to lean more on covers and live tracks for their offerings in the future.

Richard - Ouch, but I definitely can understand where you're coming from. It's not that I was underwhelmed, but overall, there was more to want (hopefully offered up in the next release).