[If You've Only Got...]
2 Minutes, 59 Seconds

"If I made it through Christmas without smoking til your parents went to bed, if you made it through too without sticking your nailseses in my neck..."

"If You've Only Got" is a feature here on Both Sides showcasing one song, one artist. Whether you have all day to listen to it or just enough time to put it in play once, an If You've Only Got song is gonna be well worth that time. It could be something from way back or something entirely new to you, but ultimately it's just something I really feel like sharing...

Vintage readers of Both Sides will recognize that The Wave Pictures are no strangers here. It's been nearly two years since I've last mentioned them on Both Sides, and the trio from Wymeswold, England are finally set to make their official debut here in the United States with the Stateside release of a double CD comprised of their two most recent albums, Instant Coffee Baby and If You Leave It Alone. The Wave Pictures have been kicking around for the better part of 12 years now, and despite that rather contemporary debut, there's quite a vintage sound to their makings. Putting their overall sound aside, their recordings are just pleasantly fuzzy, a vacuous sound pulling you in with vocals that sound like they're coming in from the receiving end of a Dixie Cup telephone. David Tattersall's vocal handiwork is a defining factor of the trio. There's a string of melancholy to their songs, even if the song isn't. There's just a rundown impression to it all that's in no doubt attributed to the feeling that all this is being sung by some poor sap. Nonetheless, you take these guys up as the underdog. As if one CD wasn't good enough, the Wave Pictures' double album is set for release here on this side of the Atlantic on April 27th, and the trio are set to take to tour in the spring with a stop-over here in Austin just in time for South By...

If You've Only Got Series 7 (all songs are right click - save as):
I Love You Like A Madman

Loads of information (and downloads!) over at the Wave Pictures site.
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