I'm sure wherever she is right now, Karen O is finding it lonely at the top.  She's like Eminem, except she's not the sole white rapper worth his weight in the industry.  Ever since Gwen Stefani went solo, Karen O's been the only frontwoman of a rockband worth mentioning.  Until now... maybe.

The future success of Lookbook will not depend on whether Maggie Morrison can sing any better.  She's got that shit on lock.  Our friends who don't really see us the same way at Pitchfork called Morrison "the missing link between Cyndi Lauper and Karen O."  I would have to agree.  She can croon, she can wail, she can bring you to your knees with her vocal prowess.

Her buddy on the other hand is a different story.  LookBook's sounds is of the "electronica/dance" genre, and nothing Grant Cutler cooks up is electronic or dance-y enough.  He can carry a solid beat for Morrison to sing over, but that's about it.  The melodies are lacking.

Listen to LookBook.  The duo's net worth is still valuable, if you overlook (haha, no pun intended) the background noise to the sweet voice.

m4a Over And Over
m4a The Only Ones
m4a Wild At Heart

Video for "Over and Over"
Faintly reminiscent of that one scene from Inglorious Bastards.

Upcoming Shows

Feb 26 8 PM Public Space One Iowa City, Iowa
Feb 27 8 PM The Cedar w/ No Bird Sing Minneapolis, Minnesota


Soyea... SXSW IS COMING! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! The other side of the mouth wants to travel by himself which leaves me with no concert companion. First reader in the Austin area to e-mail me a picture and a phone number will get to spend a glorious four days with yours truly!  I'm only kidding... kind of. 
Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
It's not that I waaaant to travel alone. I haven't made my schedule yet, so I'm not sure if we'd be going to the same things. I'm pretty grouch when I'm not getting where I want to be though. It's a lot of deferred hate from all the bouncers that get big heads during those few days.

Also your call out for a buddy scares me. Just promise me you won't post anything on Craig's List when times get desperate...

Blogger lucia said...
lookbook ... YES!