A Singles Awareness Day Mix

On this day of chocolates, of roses, of hearts, and other things in plural, there are those among us that are rather...singular. Whether our status of "single" be fresh or stale, it can be accounted for that Cupid missed a few, and with the blindness of that cherub in hand, it becomes a delightful thought to some of us that St. Valentine was beheaded for "meddling." So here, on this Anna Howard Shaw Day, you can revel as singles and celibate celebrate.

Musicupid (artist name leads to site and all songs are right click - save as):
Acid House Kings - You Can Keep Your Love [Loveninjas Cover]
Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart for my Sweetheart
Belle & Sebastian - I Don't Love Anyone
The Decemberists - The Rake's Song
The Features - Wooden Heart
Jens Lekman - I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less
The Pigeon Detectives - Love You For A Day (Hate You For A Week)
Razorlight - Who Needs Love?
Salty Pirates - Shark Attack
Sneaky Sound System - I Just Don't Want To Be Loved
We Are Scientists - It's A Hit


No Otherwheres On Here


Anonymous Kat said...
Not to put down the greatness of the mix before this, but I absolutely love the fact that you served up a mix that isn't about love on Valentine's day. Refreshing!

Anonymous Nicole said...
Great, great, great, great Sneaky Sound System addition

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Kat - Haha, well you know we're all about covering both sides of the spectrum here.

Nicole - It's been a while since Sneaky's been on here, and I didn't even make a sound about their last release, so I thought I'd jot them in here. Glad you like!