Tomorrow, February 23, three musical juggernauts will be releasing third, fourth, and fourth albums, respectively.  Of course, I am talking about Joanna Newsom, Electric President, and Shout Out Louds. Here I provide samples and synopses from each.

Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
After the overwhelming success of her sophomore album, Ys, expectations were high for the follow-up.  Luckily, Newsom does not disappoint.  The track "Good Intentions Paving Company" has already gotten a fair amount of play via Drag City's website, so I bring to you instead, "'81," a short (in Newsom standards) and tragically beautiful tune that in no manner skimps out on the musicality and lyrical qualities that Joanna Newsom has become an indie household name by.

mp3 '81

Electric President - The Violent Blue

Electric President's first, self-titled album remains my favorite.  The Violent Blue is a lot less electronic-y than its predecessors, which makes it a lot less like-able to me.  The duo has taken the role of a typical indie rock band, which they prove to play well, but nonetheless leaves me with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

mp3 Elegant Disasters

Shout Out Louds - Work
Shout Out Louds have most definitely matured since their first release five years ago.  Cleaner and more stream-lined than their previous sound, Work lacks the embellishment and, dare I say it, the spunk the band previously had.

mp3 Fall Hard