The People To Get Excited About If You're Going To SXSW But Would Like Anyway Even If You Weren't Going Mix
Part 2 of 2

You're probably wondering what the hell all those letters mean. Kicking off South By Southwest coverage this year is a massive mix for a massive fest. There's been quite a bit of material I could have covered before the fest officially goes down, and the operative phrase there is "could have." Undoubtedly, it's a gargantuan amount, and the time I've had lately has been miniscule...and I've been lazy (I haven't even made my schedule yet!). When situations like this arise, a blogger's best friend, mix, comes into play, and so I present this. Returning from last year is the People To Get Excited About If You're Going To SXSW But Would Like Anyway Even If You Weren't Going Mix - the product of me quickly skimming through that list of artists and jotting down names that had me getting all giddy. SXSW Music officially began when the clock struck midnight earlier this morning! For those of you going, I tip my hat and remind you to prepare for a crazy, crazy, crazy time...

The PTGEAIYGTSBWLAEIYWG Mix Pt. 2 (artist name leads to site and all songs are right click - save as):
Midlake - Young Bride
Neiliyo - U + I
The Octopus Project - Truck
Oh No! Oh My! - The Party Punch
Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines
Peelander-Z - Ninja High School
Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!
Princeton - The Indifference Curve
The Ruby Suns - Papatuanuku
Shearwater - Rooks
Slow Club - When I Go
The Soft Pack - Nightlife
Sondre Lerche - Heartbeat Radio
Suckers - Easy Chairs
The View - Shock Horror
The Wave Pictures - I Love You Like A Madman
We Are Scientists - Cash Cow
White Denim - ShakeShakeShake
YACHT - See A Penny (Pick It Up)

Learn more about South By Southwest at the official festival site.


No Otherwheres For This One Guys

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
No Hey Champ or Hood Internet? Seriously?

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Anon - Oh man there's A LOT of people not on this list that I wish I put up, but these two parts really are the product of me quickly skimming (so many pages!) the artist roster.

The goal is, if they don't get mention here, they'll at least get coverage when I catch them later at some sort of event.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I don't remember what song I was searching for on elbo.ws but I was redirected to this blog and ended up downloading all the mp3s, and I really appreciated the attached album art or pictures of the band. Thanks!